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Simple Healing

We at The Heart Healing Club are here to SHIFT the paradigms of the past and GUIDE you and your children and or your loved ones into a life of Self-Love, Mindfulness and Success, step by step.  We SEE you, we HEAR you, and we're HERE for you- ALWAYS!

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A more balanced life

When you finally decide you are ready to put YOU first, your life will begin to shift. Remember on an airplane you always put your oxygen mask on first- then you can help others (AKA Your loved ones!)

Our Methods:

If you take away anything from The Heart Healing Club- please take away these 3 steps:

Break through your own self sabotage.

Rid yourself of negative thought patterns and create healthy habits.

Find, live and love your Authentic Self.

Let's hear from OUR Heart Healing Club members:


Nice to meet you!

Hi! I am Kelsey and I just want to first say WELCOME and I am so glad you are here. I am a self-love and mindfulness coach who specializes in Teens/ Pre-Teens and Children. 

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Get tips, tricks, and guidance on Self-Love, Mindfulness and Healing for you and yours.